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Health and Wellbeing Service

Increase ‘readiness to learn’ and improve attainment through investing in health and wellbeing


Helping schools to support children and young people to effectively manage their lives and their wellbeing to enable them to become future, responsible custodians of a healthy and sustainable world.


Improved levels of health and wellbeing for pupils can have a positive impact across the curriculum and wider school environment . We provide support and training on the following:
  • Healthy Schools programme
  • Social, emotional and mental health (SEMH)
  • Healthy eating, physical activity and prevention of obesity
  • Implementation of the School Food Plan and statutory School Food Standards
  • PSHE, sex and relationship education (SRE), sexual health, drugs, alcohol and substance misuse
  • Participation, pupil voice and the My Health My School (MHMS) survey for pupils
  • British Values and Spiritual Moral Social and Culture (SMSC)
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly schools

More Details

The Health & Wellbeing Service is also a point of contact for the Teenage Pregnancy & Parenthood Team and Investors in Pupils and as such has links to a huge range of opportunities for both pupils and schools alike. For more information click on the ‘detailed information’ link on the right hand side of this page .

Contact Details

t: 0113 3785254

Health and Wellbeing Service,
Adams Court,
Kildare Terrace,
LS12 1DB