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NQT Vacancies in School? Please see Details of Primary and Secondary Trainees available for Employment from September 2020

GORSE SCITT (School Centred Initial Teacher Training), is an Outstanding Provider of ITT within the Leeds. They have the following number of primary and secondary trainees available for employment from September 2020.

Art and Design 5

Biology 10

Business 3

Chemistry 6

Classics 3

Computer Science 6

Design Technology 6

Drama 2

English 7

Geography 6

History 6

Mathematics 9


Music 3

PE 7

PE with Ebacc 4

Physics 4

RE 3

Social Science 3


Primary with Maths  3

If you have vacancies suitable for NQTs arising in your school and you are interested in the GORSE SCITT trainees, please contact info@gorsescitt.org.uk or telephone 0113 4871777 and ask for Hester who would be happy to provide you
with more details.


14 Feb 2020

Patsy Lyttle
Leeds for Learning
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