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Five Lanes Primary have a great time at Lineham Farm

Five Lanes Primary from Armley had an amazing time at Lineham Farm in October.  The teachers and the children had a fabulous week.  Some of their comments were :


'The staff were really encouraging towards the children.  Their knowledge is amazing and had so much to share with the children'


'Catering - spot on! We were all well fed! Facilities - Great'


[the overall benefit to the children of the residential experience] 'greatly benefited the children's confidence, the relationships between them as classmates. My biggest benefit has been between myself as a teacher and them'.


'I like the calmness of LIneham but also the children realising that we're still in Leeds!'


Fiona Cooke - Five Lanes


'The instructors always get the best out of our children, they always impress us with their knowledge'


'no negatives!  The children will remember this experience fondly for their whole lives'


[Lineham Farm] 'is much more personal, friendly and value for money'


[Lineham Farm staff contributed to the experience] 'massively!  We are all so glad that all our favourites are still here! (Paul, Jo, Tamzin), Also Vince visited school to resolve a query.  Excellent Service!  Kath was also amazing!


Catherine Howie - Five Lanes


You can now book Lineham Farm for the Winter Months at a reduced price (November, December, January).  We are also offering a teacher CPD session, for up to eight teachers with tea and cake!  To be taken in summer 1 or 2 on any of our activities.  Go to our website for further details

10 Oct 2018

Vince Foster
Lineham Farm Childrens Centre
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