• Leeds 0-19 Team Training and Conferences 2019-20

  • Seminar: Be Ready for Statutory Relationships Education, Relationships & Sex Education and Health Education - Thursday 4th July

  • Leeds Knife Crime Youth Summit (free event) 16th July 2019

  • Inside I'm Hurting Conference: Supporting Pupils who have experienced Significant Relational Loss and Trauma Friday 13th September 2019

  • Fantastic better than half price last minute Residential at Lineham Farm 10th - 12th July

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Advice for Schools from our Legal Services Team around Paid For Website Subscriptions
24 Jun
There have been a number of recent issues where schools have entered into a contract for a paid for website subscription without fully appreciating what they were signing up to. These issues have come to the council for assistance through the Legal Services general advice SLA. In each case the position of the school has been understandable, but the legal advice has been that a contract has been formed. These are a few pointers to be aware of when signing up to a website subscription service: - Be aware if you are entering exact details of the school or an individual within the school such as a name, postal address and e-mail address - Be aware if you are ticking boxes or clicking a box that says “Submit”, “I agree”, “Confirm”, “Proceed” or similar If you are doing either of these things you may be entering into a contract ? - Before clicking or ticking any boxes make sure you understand everything on the webpage including the small print and any links. If you’re not sure, stop. Either take your time to read it fully, come back to it later, or ask a colleague to look at it with you. If you don’t understand it do not proceed. - If you do sign up to a subscription website you must then start to check your “junk” or “spam” mailbox as well as your “inbox”. Important e-mails from the website may be filtered to that box by your IT system. - If the website does not work once you have signed up (e.g. you can’t log on, you can’t access content) raise this with the provider and keep a record of all correspondence (e-mails and a note of any phone calls). Do not assume that your registration has failed and is therefore void. If you want to enter into a website subscription service and want advice on the terms and conditions contact the school legal helpline under the Legal Services SLA on 0113 37 88561
Beeston Primary School pupils see their ideas in print!
19 Jun
ArtForms advocates for, and supports, partnership working between schools and the arts and cultural sector. Partnership was a key aspect of this exciting project which brought together Beeston Primary School with the Carnegie School of Education, Leeds Beckett University. This culminated in the creation of a new children’s book, The Nightmare Catcher. The pupils participated in a range of drama activities to help devise the story which explores gaming through the eyes of a child whose mum struggles with mental health. Their class teacher observed that “the children have really enjoyed being part of this project. ….it has enhanced their confidence when participating in discussions“. The book was recently launched on the 8th June at the Story Makers Festival, where the young writers were available for book signings. Leeds Beckett University are one of a number of arts and cultural organisations which form the Leeds Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP). The LCEP aims to bring together arts and cultural organisations with schools across the city, developing new and exciting partnerships which focus on high quality learning in and through the arts. For schools on their Artsmark journey, working with arts organisations can support an application. For information contact sarah.westaway@leeds.gov.uk
EEF Publishes Updated Guidance on Supporting Schools to Understand Behaviour
13 Jun
The Virtual School very much welcomes some of the key principles outlined in the latest publication by the Education Endowment Fund (EEF) “Improving Behaviour in Schools”. This is particularly timely in light of the “Inside I’m Hurting” Conference being hosted by the Virtual School at Elland Road on Friday 13th September with its focus on the importance of connection and empathy for children who have experienced significant trauma and loss which ties in strongly to the first recommendation in the EEF report that “good relationships matter”. The report goes on to highlight the teaching of learning behaviours, using simple approaches that promote connection and relationships (greeting each student positively at the door) and tailoring approaches to the needs of individuals. The full report is available here: We look forward to seeing you at the conference in September. For schools and settings, to book your two complimentary places please log on to Mondale Events booking page here. For further information or support around any of the issues raised in the report, contact Jancis Andrew, Head of the Virtual School for Children Looked After at jancis.andrew@leeds.gov.uk
Broomfield SILC Band Receive a Standing Ovation
13 Jun
Broomfield Band performed to a packed audience at the LSMA Concert at Leeds Town Hall on 23rd May. Their dedication and commitment to practising regularly really paid off and they were a firm favourite with the audience who praised them for their wonderful example of enjoyment of music. See the school website here for the full review and some wonderful photographs.
Opportunities for Young People to Organise Child Friendly Leeds Awards Ceremony
13 Jun
Child Friendly Leeds Awards 2020 Child Friendly Leeds (CFL) are looking for a group of 10 young people to organise and deliver the awards in February 2020. To find out more, please email childfriendlyleeds@leeds.gov.uk and we’ll send you some information, a promotional poster and the short application form. CFL are also looking for young people to entertain, play and perform at the Awards – could be music, comedy, magic or spoken word. There is a short application form to complete and then the young people’s planning group choose who they want to perform. If you know or work with a young person or group who you think would like this performance opportunity at a high profile city event, please email for information and the application form.